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About The Book

'The Emotion Prism' is a story about three amazing secrets to achieve inner peace and true happiness.

What is the story?

A simple tale that will show you just how powerful these concepts are, how they can alter the way you look at your business, your work, your relationships, your life itself.

In 'The Emotion Prism' you'll see for yourself how others have used these ideas to find peace and a deeply satisfying inner happiness, see how their lives have been improved by them.

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'The Emotion Prism' can be viewed on any e-reader - Kindle, iPad, Kobo or on your Smartphone. A paperback edition is also available.


Learn how to manage them well, and all success in life will be yours.


Beat it to stay calm, relaxed, assured with the knowledge from this amazing book.


Shift your point of view, and see a dramatic change in the problems in your life.

What's in 'The Emotion Prism'


To highlight three simple principles in this revolutionary new book which will energize you.


To help you enjoy long-term rewards that will bring you all that you've ever wished for.


A shot-in-the-arm for those who feel overwhelmed and buried under the grind of life.


Practical tips and action steps you can follow to rein in your feelings and beat stress.


A key to unlock the door to a treasure trove of age-old learning that will transform your life.


To help you manage your emotions - and harness them to work in your favor, guiding you to peace and joy.

After reading 'The Emotion Prism'

Your Life Won't Be The Same Again!

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Dr.Mani - author of The Emotion Prism
Meet The Author

Dr.Mani - Heart Surgeon & Writer

Dr.Mani is a heart surgeon for kids, fundraiser, author and entrepreneur. He blogs at DrMani.com His writing aims to help you discover your inner greatness and pursue your dreams to achieve success, happiness and fulfillment. Find more of his books on the author page at Amazon.com

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about 'The Emotion Prism' for Dr.Mani? Here are some answers.

Yes, 'The Emotion Prism' is available in print. You can order a copy from Amazon.com - click here to place your order now.

Emotions are more powerful than logic, reason, or intellect. They are far more complex, more mystical and whimsical. Too often, they are in control of you.

To find true happiness and inner peace, this role must be reversed. The handles, triggers and controls are within you. Learn how to manage them well, and all success in life will be yours.

'The Emotion Prism' is a powerful new tool, a set of simple concepts that will guide you through tough times. A triad of universal principles that have the potential to change your life and the way you view it.

It's Your Life... It's Your Choice

You have a choice. You can stay the way you are, trapped in the bonds of fear and uncertainty. Or you can make a change, an effort to vary your perspective, to alter the way you view life itself. As always, the choice is yours alone.

You can have everything you want.

The three simple concepts you'll read about in this book will help you

  • break down problems into smaller parts, tackling each effectively
  • bend your feelings to your will instead of becoming a slave to them
  • focus your emotions towards achieving your ends, whatever they may be

The global economy is in a slump. The press and TV are full of stories of job losses, downsizing, rising unemployment and financial meltdown. And all this uncertainty affects you!

Your emotions and personal relationships are strained. A feeling of well-being is missing. More often than ever before, you long for the "good old days". How would you like to turn the clock back, feel as happy, peaceful and calm as you did before?

'The Emotion Prism' will show you how. You'll see how these lessons have changed many other lives for the better, then see how you too can benefit from them.

'The Emotion Prism' is short, sweet and concise. If you read for just 10 minutes a day, you’ll be finished in a week... and find deep peace and inner joy by following these 3 simple principles.

Money. Friends. Power. Relationships. And success in everything you do.

Here's what this amazing book will show you:

  • The absolute best way to stay calm in a crisis
  • Avoiding frustrations at business failures or losses
  • A simple technique to keep from losing your temper
  • How to quickly and easily build rich relationships
  • What you can learn from others with huge problems
  • Three simple rules to enjoy life and find inner peace

It's easy, really. All you have to do is make your emotions work FOR you instead of letting them get to you. And that requires a shift in your point of view, a change in your perspective of the events and problems in your life, the ability to look at things from a different angle.

'The Emotion Prism' will show you how.

What are the benefits you'll get from it?

  • Business success and wealth will pursue you, instead of your having to run behind them.
  • Relationships will begin, grow and flourish with scarcely any conscious effort on your part.
  • External circumstances will no longer affect your inner happiness, invade your comfort zone.
  • Fear and uncertainty will vanish from your mind, leaving a sense of calm and peace.

In a word - Everyone.

'The Emotion Prism' is a Self Awareness and Emotion Control Guide to Inner Peace and True Happiness. It's the product of a lifetime of experience and insight, and details a simple set of three universal truths that will forever alter the way you see and tackle difficult problems and stressful life situations.

Will it work for you? That entirely depends upon YOU. Many others have found it useful. And think you will too.

The three concepts explained in THE EMOTION PRISM are not at all complicated. To understand and apply them, you don't have to be a genius. Anyone can learn to use them.

But it takes time to get results. And it demands a willingness to change.

It is always hard to accept something new, something different. But if you want to change, you can learn to. And it helps to remember that the rewards will be wonderful and satisfying. When you've succeeded in controlling your emotions, the improvements will be visible in every facet of your life.

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