Feb.1st, 2024: My "Now" Ties In To My "Why"


Congenital Heart Disease Awareness.

February 14th is 'A DAY FOR HEARTS'. Not just the romantic Valentine's Day event - but also 'Congenital Heart Defects Awareness Day'.

An annual worldwide awareness-building effort to cast the spotlight on millions of little 'heart warriors' who battle their deadly birth defects - and win!

"I don't accept a child dying"

That has guided my professional work as a paediatric heart surgeon.

I established a non-profit to raise funds that sponsor costly, life-saving treatment for kids from underprivileged families with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD).

The effort has treated 152 children until now.

But there are 21 MILLION more kids who suffer from CHD. And 1.35 million are born with it every year. Many in my part of the world.

Which brings us to...


Here's what I'm doing now to raise CHD awareness and fund more surgeries:

Right now, there are FOUR of these projects:

I hope you'll join in to help.

And wish me luck!



P.S. - Hat-tip to my friend Derek Sivers who inspired this "Now" page to answer the question, "What are you focused on now?" You can see more "Now" pages at




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