Knife At a Gun Fight : How To Build New Habits

If you need to get things done, ‘Knife At A Gun Fight’ is a book you MUST read.” – Leonard Aberts

Stop Putting Up With Distraction & Unmet Goals…

“Here’s How You Can Quickly and Easily Get Better Focus And Build New Habits Guaranteed To Skyrocket Your Productivity… Without¬†Wasting Time Or Procrastinating!”

Dear Friend,

How much is your time worth?

Suppose you could just read a book and develop better focus and concentration.

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Just imagine this…

You’ll no longer struggle to complete your tasks and suffer from incomplete ‘to do’ lists. Instead, you’ll just blitz through them all to effortlessly meet your targets and achieve your goals.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, it isn’t if you have the right productivity habits and focus on building success systems.

Think about it. A success habit is the most powerful skill you could ever learn.

It puts all your goal-oriented efforts on auto-pilot, acting like your internal GPS to guide you relentlessly towards your dreams. A success habit makes your efforts more likely to be productive and fruitful – without you ever having to think about it!

Simply put, success habits guarantee your growth, progress and accomplishments.

But Creating That Success Habit Is The Hard Part…

It could take you years and can cost you a small fortune to figure out just the right combinations that make some habits stickwhile others fall flat on their face.

But instead of knocking yourself out trying to come up with just the right time management formula, you can now have it inside a new breakthrough book called:

“Knife At A Gun Fight”

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At last!

Every tip, trick and secret to building success habits is here.

But don’t take my word for it, here’s what customers from all over the world are saying about this unique personal productivity system:

“This book is your success blueprint with useful techniques on how to prioritize activities, set goals, and follow plans so that important tasks get done effectively. A very good read with the essence of all you need to know about personal productivity and success.”Rosalyn Bronstein


“We all have goals that we want to achieve; this will help you achieve them.”T. Bramhall


“If you are serious about creating change, building new habits and finally doing it right (meaning it will stick!) then this book by Dr. Mani is your best choice.”Julette Millien

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I know…

You’re probably still skeptical and a bit on the conservative side, but think about this – if you keep doing the same things over and over again – you’ll only succeed in getting the same results. That’s why I want to let try out my proven productivity system – completely and totally risk-free! (I’ll tell you about my unique guarantee in a moment.)

Which Of These Powerful Secrets Could You Use To Save Time & Be More Efficient?

  • How to maximize your time, effort and resources
  • How to make the right choices and set correct priorities
  • How to ignore distractions and stay on track until you’re done
  • How to be more effective by changing your behavior
  • How to finish your to-do list quickly and easily

In “Knife At A Gun Fight”, you’ll learn all about this… and more!
You’ll also discover…

  • why it’s so hard to focus, and tackle distractions – and how you can fix that
  • the secret of balancing work and family – to enjoy a full, rich, happy life
  • ways to lower stress, avoid rushing, and feel fulfilled – you won’t hate your job any more!
  • how the world’s most successful people practice focus – and what you can learn from them
  • What effective goal setters do when they plan for results – and how you can model their system, too
  • 4 ways to look at goals you’ve achieved – and leverage them for maximum benefit.
  • 5 crucial methods to make sure your goals match up to what you desire… so when you reach them, you’ll be delighted
  • The one thing that is probably holding you back the most – and how to get rid of it
  • plus, lots more

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You’ll get a tested-and-proven roadmap to help you:

  • Break past the hurdles that hold you back from getting started
  • Overcome procrastination with a simple mindset shift
  • Unleash habits that will impact your life and future powerfully
  • Know exactly what you want to accomplish (and what to turn down)
  • Draw up a step-by-step plan to guarantee your success
  • Plan your day to save you time and avoid stress

How can you expect your life to be different after this? Well, after reading this practical guide to personal productivity, you will be able to:

  • Get things done effectively, no matter how big the task
  • Find motivation even when you don’t feel like getting to work
  • Sidestep the craving for perfectionism and finish strong
  • Achieve virtually anything you want
  • Stop sabotaging your own success
  • Prepare today for goals 20 years away

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Okay, So What’s The Cost For This Incredible Resource?

Well, realize that this personal productivity guide could easily sell for hundreds of dollars. In fact if you asked a top self help guru or productivity coach for a customized program that’s tailored for you, you’d be charged in the neighborhood of $1,997.00 to $4,997.00 – not including your time and travel to attend their coaching sessions.

So at bare bones minimum you’re getting thousands of dollars worth of tested and proven advice and guidance at your disposal.

But I’m not going to charge you anywhere near that amount – or even my minimum project price. In fact, your total investment for a soup-to-nuts guide to developing your success habit is only $49.95

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So what’s the catch?

Why am I practically giving away this resource?

Well, it’s really quite simple. I have little if any cost in printing and distributing this ebook – and most people who desperately need the information can’t afford my private coaching, which begins at $500 a month and higher.

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  • Free Bonus Gift #1: The 33:33 System – an exclusive short special report that outlines a simple trick that boosted my productivity by a stunning 38%, and will work for you, too.
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  • Free Bonus Gift #3: 10 Success Secrets – a confidential report I created for my high-end consulting clients, sharing 10 simple rules to help you get ahead in business – and in life.

Together these three free bonuses are worth more than triple your investment in the ‘Knife At A Gun Fight’ — but they’re all yours absolutely free when you order by midnight today.

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100% Risk-Free Guarantee:

Your success in using this proven personal productivity system is completely guaranteed. In fact, here’s my 100% Better-Than-Risk-Free-Take-it-To-The-Bank Guarantee:

I personally guarantee that if you go through this personal productivity guide, use at least a few of the tips, techniques and strategies to improve focus, beat procrastination, set goals, build new habits and blitz through your to-do list, you will transform your life and skyrocket your productivity.

You’ll get more things done, reduce stress and anxiety in your life, set and achieve meaningful goals, and be on course to reach your important milestones and targets – all the while, acquiring and retaining good success habits that will keep you on track for years to come.

If after a full 60 days, you honestly believe I haven’t delivered on this promise then let me know and I’ll issue you a prompt and courteous refund. Plus, the free bonus gifts are yours to keep regardless, just for your trouble.

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Knife At A Gunfight Book

Is that fair or what?

That means you can try out all the techniques, tactics and strategies at my risk, while you see if they work for you or not. And if they don’t produce the results you hoped to see, I honestly want you to ask for your money back.

And I’ll let you keep the free bonus gifts as my way of thanking you for giving “Knife At A Gun Fight” a try.

There is absolutely no risk, whatsoever on your part. The burden to deliver is entirely on me. If you don’t boost your productivity immediately using these methods then I’m the loser, not you.

Look at it this way — $49.95 is really a painless drop in the bucket compared to the money you’re going to waste on ineffective productivity tools, or the time you’ll waste through sheer inefficiency this year. That’s why…

You Really Can’t Afford Not To Invest In These Success Habit Building Secrets!

It’s easy to get started right away. Just click here to order “Knife At A Gun Fight” today.

Get ready to beat procrastination, improve your focus, boost productivity, get things done – and achieve all your goals, starting right now!

All success,

P.S. Just think! You’ll never again suffer through the pain and hassle of wasting time, losing focus or missing targets. You only have one life. Make it count.

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