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Time Management Games : A Test of Skill at Managing Time

 Time Management Games Test Your Skills

…And Show You How To Handle Time More Efficiently With Free Time Management Games Online

Free time management games are creative ways to mix online gaming with coaching modules that simulate regular daily life, imparting valuable time managing skills while you have fun.

Free Time Management Games Online

Free time management games take conventional activities that make up your day to day routine – such as cooking meals, or caring for a pet – and turn them into fun games that engage and entertain while training you to manage time better.

Some of these games are more complex and imaginative, like ones that put you in charge of an air control tower, or let you manage a business, or even construct a neighborhood or entire city!

Caring For Pets

The simplest free time management games are built around caring for a pet.

Each game has its favorite. Some give you a new born puppy, others may saddle you with a fish, cat, or other animals of your choice. Your task is to take care of the animal’s needs and keep them satisfied.

Playing with your pets, training them to perform tricks, cleaning up after them and feeding them from time to time are all facets of these games. Some let you play games with the animal.

Fitting all this into the constraints of your limited time is excellent practice for real life time management.

In addition to helping you learn how to manage time better, these games also teach soft skills like responsibility for taking care of pets, efficiently tackling a project with myriad tasks, and assigning resources appropriately to get work done.

What Are The Best Free Time Management Games?

Web based versions of free time management games require no downloads, and can be easily bookmarked to return to. There are games available for a variety of devices, and are among the most popular applications for the iPhone and iTouch.

Below is a short list of some of the most popular free time management games for the iPhone and iTouch.

Diner Dash Lite

The free version of this online time management game has over 4,000 reviews and many 5 star ratings in the app store. The challenge it presents you with is to seat and serve customers to your restaurant – and do it as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Cooking Dash Lite

In this time management game, your role is to help Flo and her grandmother manage five hotels and serve customers. A nice twist is the integration of this game with Facebook, letting you share your results in a mouse-click.

Wedding Dash Lite

This game replaces a restaurant with a wedding reception, where your role as a player is to help couples pick a cake, bouquet and other items for the wedding.

SpongeBob Diner Dash Lite

For SpongeBob fans comes a free time management game similar to Diner Dash, but one where you can play with SpongeBob.

Supermarket Mania Lite

Another variation of time management games challenges you to help Nikki keep your shelves in a supermarket stocked all the time, even while customers enter the store and go shopping.

Chocolate Shop Frenzy Free

Emma chooses to set up a chocolate shop – and your role as a gamer is to help make the new business a success. Customer care is the watchword, and efficient time management is the secret weapon for success.

Jane’s Hotel Free

In this game, you’ll help Jane (your character) build a 5 star hotel out of a run down 2 star place. Catering to customers and upgrading rooms while enhancing your reputation gains you a promotion to higher levels.

Supermarket Management Free

You become a store manager trying hard to streamline all activity in the shop and putting systems in place to ensure future growth and higher profits.

Ada’s Hospital Lite

As a medical school graduate, you manage a clinic in this free time management game. The goal is to generate enough income every day in order to survive to the next level.

Sally’s Spa Lite

Managing a virtual spa was never easier – and the game environment is relaxing. You care for your members who purchase services like face masks, saunas and massages, all of which you are charged with running smoothly.

How Time Management Games Help

Free time management games online

Free time management games train players in the sequence of completing activities that are routine to folks in a particular line of work.

It’s your chance to pretend that you are in a career or position – say, a business owner, or entrepreneur, or professional – and are in charge of projects or activities.

You may have to direct the flow of airplanes or trains in your role as controller. Or you may have to decide about planning and manufacturing a line of products to sell in your business. Or you may run a shop, a bakery, a travel agency or any other commercial venture.

All these free time management games have an element of fantasy. In the real world, you wouldn’t expect to plan or build a city all by yourself. But the idea behind giving you that power in a virtual environment is to challenge you to manage limited resources efficiently – and that’s how time management training is imparted.

To win at these time management games and move to progressively higher levels, you must have sound skills needed to efficiently tackle your available time.

You are pushed to make hard decisions, allocate resources and deploy teams to help you execute a project or meet a time deadline.

And that training is excellent because it teaches you skills which can be applied to real-world projects too.

Combine this with the time management training you’ll get from other sections of this site, and you’ll experience a reduction in stress and increase in satisfaction as you gain efficiency in your work and life.

What Are Free Online Time Management Games

And How Can These Games Make You More Efficient?

Free online time management games are computer or Web based programs that simulate real life situations, putting the user/player in a situation where they solve problems and allocate resources in a way that teaches them better time management.

Time Management Games Free

In most variations of free online time management games the user is provided with limited resources (points, or play money, or units of time) and given a challenging task to accomplish using them.

By playing and winning the game, a player learns valuable skills that go a long way in managing time in real life.

Varieties of Time Management Games

There are usually two broad categories of games. One type is a life-simulation game. Another is a construction and management game. Each kind has special challenges and teaches powerful lessons in slightly different ways.

Life Simulation Games

Life simulation games place you, the player, in a virtual environment that mimics a certain kind of employment or activity.

For example, in a game called Simlife you must take care of a pet. You must remember to feed it, provide for various needs, buy items necessary to take care of it, and more.

The game teaches players to develop responsibility towards their dependents, and work towards a goal.

In another category of free online time management games called life simulation games, you get to live out your dreams for the future.

In a game called Life Quest, your target is to plan your adult life, buying a home, seeking a well paid job, and raising a family.

Just as in real life, you get to compete with your neighbors and colleagues, constantly challenged to choose areas where you’ll compete, applying your limited resources intelligently to further your goals.

One module of Life Quest pits you against your classmates in various competitions and tasks.

This might mean getting a salary raise when your friends cannot, or acquiring some toy or trinket that they can’t afford, or even buying yourself a pet or companion.

There are also social simulation games where the emphasis is on interacting with other people. It is up to you, the player, to ensure that all characters in the free online time management games interact properly and co-operatively as the game progresses.

Since social compliance is critically important to managing time and being more efficient, this teaches precious skills which will serve you well in handling your responsibilities.

Construction & Time Management Games

As the name implies, these games are about building communities or projects. Depending on the game, a player is invited to build up an entity – a city, a building, or a government project.

The game teaches players important elements of planning, needs assessment, deployment of scarce resources and project management.

By taking into consideration the various elements that go into planning a city, like food, security, housing, health and transportation, the gamer gains valuable insight into analyzing a situation and planning solutions to potential and actual problems.

In Sim City, the challenge is to run and operate a metropolitan city, including collecting taxes and conducting elections. Not all games are so elaborate, with some casual titles like Happyville being popular among youngsters.

Some kinds of free online time management games involve simulating day to day businesses. A user may be put in charge of a hotel or diner, and tasked with running the operations.

In Diner Dash 5, Flo is a waitress who is asked to manage a very busy restaurant. This game lets you practice the time management skills of rapid evaluation and decisive action taking – important requirements for running any kind of enterprise in real life.

Government simulation games mimic the realities of government policy making and require the user to think about issues like foreign policy, education programs and construction of buildings.

While some may consider them an escape from reality, good free online time management games can actually be excellent preparation for real life challenges.

Time Management Game Lists

Easily Find Collections of Great Time Managing Games – Along With Reviews From Passionate Gamers

Want to play a time management game? You are spoiled for choices. There are many websites that list the newest and best time managing games.

Quite a few provide excellent reviews to help you pick the ones you like best. And most of these games are available for immediate download after online purchase.

If you are looking for a time management game, then you can start out with a simple search on your favorite directory or engine. Google and Bing list some excellent resources which compile updated and growing collections of time games.

To help make this even simpler for you (and to save you time!), here are some of the better resources to guide you to finding a game that’s both fun and instructive at the same time.

Time Management Game Listings

1. Big Fish Games is one of the biggest aggregators of game listings and it has an extensive collection of time games. There are nearly 35 listings, and they are rated by a passionate audience to help you zero in on the most popular and fun games.

2. Nick Mom is a sleek and slick website which not only lists a growing collection of management game news and data, but also publishes reviews and ratings to help you find good ones.

3. Game House is a more elite listing of more exclusive and popular time management games. It has some tips and cheats on playing the game better and gaining more value from each. Links to shopping sites make it quick and easy to download any that you like.

4. PCH Slots is one of the largest online resources for game listings, with an amazing 50+ on display in the store’s directory. You can play them online on the site, download them for later, or buy your own copy to play with regularly.

If there’s one downside to most of these listing sites, it is that they briefly describe the game along with a graphic of the cover or a scene from within the game.

A casual browser like you and me must click on each to explore whether it’s worth our time – and that itself is wasteful.

To help you find the better ones more easily, you need to find sites that review every time management game and publish ratings or informed opinions from expert gamers, so that you can make a buying decision faster.

Time Management Game Review Sites

Many sites review games as a service for their audience. Depending upon the enthusiasm of the owner and their own experience as a gamer, the reviews will vary in depth and detail.

Some are excellent, passionate stories of the player’s engagement with the game, and others are more impersonal and descriptive reviews.

Popular Time Management Games

Here are some of the better review sites which you can explore:

1. GameZebo has some catchy and short reviews of the latest time game releases. It’s nicely organized for quick and easy browsing. There are links to the retailer’s site. You will save time and effort looking around this review site.

2. Game Mile shares reviews and news of the latest game launches. Guest reviewers post about their opinions and experiences playing various time games online and on mobile devices. The site lists a nice collection of the newest games.

3. offers thorough and comprehensive reviews of many different time managing games, including screen shots of the game panels and even cheats to help you win or move to a higher level, in case you can’t manage it on your own.

4. iPhone Tech is a more general game review website which has very detailed and illustrated game reviews, but not all are related to time management.

Together, these resources will help everyone looking for a time management game to find good quality programs. Ones to learn from while having fun.

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