Time Management : The Tao of Managing Your Time Better

Time Management Training To Lower Your Stress & Boost Your Efficiency!

What Will YOU Do With
Extra Hours In Your Day?

  • Are you always short of time?
  • And rushing to get things done?
  • Anxious and frustrated about missing deadlines?
  • Do you wish you had more hours in your hectic, over-crowded day?

Stop worrying. You’re in the right place!

Introducing: The Tao of Time Management

Let’s explore the essence of managing your time more effectively.

  • You’ll learn how to focus better, beat procrastination, and be efficient.
  • And you will understand how to prioritize, delegate and correctly set goals.
  • Then you’ll discover time management tips and techniques to boost productivity.

Time Management Tao moves you toward harmony and balance… because it is in your nature to do so!
Essentially, Tao signifies the primordial essence or fundamental nature of the universe.

Now, Tao can’t be expressed in words. But you can experience it. Practice it. Follow its principles.

Managing your time is just the same.

In other words, you can learn it. And improve your time management skills. Above all, master the principles.

And with consistent time management training, you’ll easily find 3 extra hours (or more!) in your over-crowded day!

So, tell me…

What Will YOU Do With 3 Extra Hours In Your Day?
Do you want to…

  • Be home more with your family?
  • Read a book or join a course?
  • Take a walk or get some exercise?
  • Start a new part-time business?
  • Spend more time on a hobby or with friends?

Or maybe there are things you WON’T do any longer.

Maybe you won’t…

  • drive like crazy to reach your workplace on time
  • or rush through tasks to meet looming deadlines
  • and ignore important things to complete the urgent ones
  • even ruin your health by always being stressed and harried
  • and often lose your temper, get agitated and become frustrated

Basically all of this is possible with the intentional practice of Time Management Tao.

It’s Time Management Made Easy

For instance, each of us has only 24 hours in a day. No more, no less.

Yet some smart time managers squeeze a lot more out of their day than you.

  • Is it magic?
  • Or do they have any secrets?
  • And can everyone learn them?

No… Yes… And YES.

In fact you’re going to learn these powerful time management secrets right here… with a twist.

Time Management Tao (TMT) will help you

  • firstly, improve your results through effective planning and goal setting
  • secondly, focus on doing things that take you quickly to your objectives
  • thirdly, turn down unproductive demands on your time
  • fourthly, concentrate on the right things and be more effective
  • and plan efficiently and become better organized
  • further, to achieve balance between personal and professional time
  • and use software and tools more effectively
  • to eventually beat procrastination effortlessly
  • above all, delegate intelligently
  • thereby maximize your resources

… and do this all easily, comfortably, without stress or strain.

Tao of Time Management will move you toward harmony and balance… because it is in your nature to be this way!

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Time Management & Productivity Tips - The 33:33 System

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Once you’ve understood and absorbed the Tao style of managing time, you can get more value from these time management tips, techniques and strategies.

And from some amazing resources about managing personal timeplanning a schedule and stress management.

Time Management – Do You Know Where Your Time Goes?

A few months ago, I downloaded a tiny time management application that runs on my desktop computer where I work online.

It runs in the background, unobtrusively. I don’t even notice it.

Once every week, I receive an email in which there’s a summary time usage report – about how I spend my online time.

It is always eye-opening.

This is how a summary report might look:

Rescue Time Report - Time Management Tool
When I hover over the bars on the right side, it gives me a break-up of which websites or applications I’ve spent time on.

By assigning each activity a ‘productivity rating’, ranging from highly productive to severely unproductive, I get a visual representation of how well and effectively my time is being spent online.

Now, there are some drawbacks and limitations to a time management tool like this.

I don’t always log out when I leave the computer to tackle offline tasks, including when I leave to the hospital – so at times, the tool over-calculates a specific activity.

But, by and large, it is an accurate and fair representation of the time I spend on various sites and activities.

It has been TRANSFORMATIONAL in keeping me on track to meet my goals.

I never realized just how often I slip from my self-imposed targets to limit time on certain activities, such as engaging on social networks or browsing news sites.

And this time management tool has been priceless in tracking my productive time spent on writing and development activities.

Simple and easy-to-understand trend graphs can help you pinpoint areas of wasted time, and also see how effectively you’re fixing them.

See the graph below:

Rescue Time Trend - Time Management Tool
I took to playing online chess for a while, and hadn’t realized how addictive and wasteful of time it was – until I saw from my Rescue Time report that my “Entertainment” time category had soared to 13.9 hours a week!

I bit the bullet.

And deleted my account at Chess.com.

Almost instantly, my “Entertainment” time expenditure dropped to 5 hours a week… that’s an EXTRA hour and a half EVERY DAY.


How many hours are YOU wasting – without even realizing it?

What could you do with the time you’ll save – once you know?

As soon as this awareness hit me, I signed up to the PREMIUM plan (it’s just $9 a month, with a discount for pre-paying annually).

The additional information I’ll get from this time management tool will be well worth the investment.

Even if I save ONE HOUR, it’ll pay for a YEAR of Rescue Time Premium!

So, here are my biggest take-aways from this analysis.

  • 1. We all waste timeoften without even noticing it.
  • 2. Knowing where we spend time is a powerful first step in fixing this problem.
  • 3. Rescue Time is a great tool to track your time utilization online.

It’s FREE to sign up and use – for as long as you like.
And after you’re convinced about the value of this tool (for me, it took around 4 months to realize), get the PREMIUM version – and transform your productivity and boost your efficiency.

My guide on improving your efficiency, “HOW TO FOCUS – How To Stop Procrastinating and Get Things Done, may also be of some value. You can pick up a copy from here.

When you sign up to our free “Time Taozine” email newsletter, you’ll get updates on various time management techniques.

You will also learn more about the Time Management Tao system which is based on learning how to

  • Find your center – know WHAT to do
  • Understand your order – know HOW to do it
  • Pick your timing – know WHO to use & WHEN

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