Time Management

What Is Time Management?


Introducing Long Forgotten Secrets of Squeezing 27 Hours of Effectiveness Into Your Day – To Get More Done!

Learn what is time management. Master 3 simple but powerful principles that will help you manage time effectively, balance all important elements in your life, and avoid stress while getting more done. Discover the formula for managing your time well. And get things done.
What is Time Management
“I really, REALLY need 27 hours in a day!” cried my friend Michelle.

We were catching up after a while, and discussing events in our lives. Curious about her comment, I asked:

“Why do you need 3 extra hours every day?”

“Well, that’s the only way I can get everything on my to-do list done!”

And right there is the crux of the problem with time management that we all sink into – a quagmire from which it’s practically impossible to emerge, because the harder we struggle, the deeper we sink!

It’s not our fault. We’ve been taught too well. Indoctrinated, even.

  • Make lists of things to do.
  • Get to work on doing them.
  • Don’t take a break until you’re finished.
  • Put what doesn’t get done on tomorrow’s list.
  • Rinse and repeat.

That’s your formula… for disaster!

27 hours in your day won’t cut it. Not even 30. Because in the timeless words of management expert Peter Parkinson, “Work expands to fill the time available to do it!”

Can you get ahead by running faster on a treadmill or hamster wheel?


To move forwards, you must first HOP OFF! And understand what is time management.

The Art of Managing Time

What is Time Management

So, what is time management?

Time management isn’t some esoteric, mystic dark art that only others can master. Every single person on the face of this planet has the same 24 hours in their day that you and I have. Yet not everyone makes the same use of those precious seconds and minutes.

Time management is an art. But a learned art. A practiced skill. An improving process.

A successful time manager must identify the right things to do, focus on them exclusively, and get them done.

You’ll hear me refer to this often – because it’s at the heart of effective time management. The most effective people in the world have mastered just three simple principles about running their lives in accordance with their highest purpose.

What are the three powerful principles?

1. Identify what to do.

2. Focus on it exclusively.

3. Get it done.

Let’s discuss each of them in more detail.

Identify What To Do

As I explained to my friend Michelle, there is no good reason to get everything on her to-do list done – and every reason on earth to focus exclusively on only the most important things.

Managing your time means judicious allocation of a precious, limited resource to the areas which most deserve it. That means you’ll have to make choices.

  • Some things will have to go.
  • Others will have to be put off.
  • And only the most important ones must get done – now.

Finding out what is most important (and not just most ‘urgent’) takes some soul-searching, analysis and thinking about YOUR goals and priorities. My important tasks may be your trivia – and vice versa. Remember – ‘important’ is a personal perception. What matters is what’s important… to you.

“The most important thing is remembering the most important thing” – Zen saying

Focus On It Exclusively

What Is Time ManagementOnce you have zeroed in on the most important things to do, it stands to reason that everything else is a distraction – and should be tuned out.

Realizing that truth is your biggest asset in staying focused on the most important tasks, keeping your eye on the goal, and not getting side-tracked by every shiny new thing that keeps demanding your attention.

  • When a surgeon operates, his universe is limited to the patient.
  • When a painter draws, her canvas has her complete attention.
  • When a sprinter runs, his focus is 100% on the race track.

Whatever it is that ranks among your most important tasks, it deserves such undiluted concentration and focus. (You’ll learn more about this in our book, How To Focus)

“Continue eliminating until you come to action without striving” – Lao Tzu

Get It Done

Easy to say. Harder to achieve.

We all know of the pain and frustration, disappointment and disgust, at promises left unfulfilled, projects abandoned half-way through, dreams still idling on the back-burner.

And all the while, we’re engaged in “busy work”.

That stuff just keeps piling on our plate, cluttering up our inbox, demanding our immediate attention all day long. Until we’re too tired to get to work on the things that really matter!

That’s a shame. And what is time management if not the steps you’ll take to change that around – so that you get the important work done first!

  • No, you don’t have to work longer hours or harder than before.
  • No, you won’t be stressed and strained to your limits – and beyond.
  • No, you can’t squeeze extra hours into your day by cutting other things out.

You’ll get things done in other ways. By delegating work to others. By streamlining your work-flow and automating processes. By being more organized. And by beating procrastination.

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished” – Lao Tzu

So, What Is Time Management?

What Is Time ManagementManaging time is a combination of art, skill and practice. It is mandatory to master this in a world that’s rushing by at warp speed – and gathering momentum with every passing day.

We might long for the good old days of the horse-and-cart, but must adapt to a present where 0-to-60 m.p.h. in 3 seconds flat is the norm.

‘Speed’ is today’s mantra. ‘Overload’ is the future’s direction. ‘Manage’ should be your watchword.

Let Time Management Tao be your guide.

With the aid of simple tutorials, graded exercises, and a straightforward approach, you will soon be able to manage time, reduce stress and enjoy the peaceful joy of success as you cope with things that overwhelmed and frustrated you in the past.

We believe that time is precious – and so are other important elements of your life, like health, relationships and money.

We view these critical components of life as delicate (and very expensive) Ming vases that we juggle constantly, and cannot afford to drop.

We teach a way and style of management of time that is rooted in balance – finding your center, understanding order, and choosing the right timing to get things done.

You can explore sections on this website and learn about how to:

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