Do you have a peaceful, happy and satisfying life? Always feel on
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Discover Three Amazing Secrets To
Achieve Inner Peace And
True Happiness

In Just 3 Simple Steps, You'll Learn How To Quickly And Easily Create A New Life - One Guaranteed to be filled with Love, Peace and Happiness !


They are more powerful than logic, reason, or intellect. They are far more complex, more mystical and whimsical.

Too often, they are in control of you.

To find true happiness and inner peace, this role must be reversed. The handles, triggers and controls are within you. Learn how to manage them well, and all success in life will be yours.

-- Dr.Mani
Heart Surgeon, Author and
Social Entrepreneur

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"Your book is a great way to bring "Universal Truths" to the reader. Using the method of an "extended allegory" holds readers' interest and makes it possible for them to remember more than by just reading a how-to manual. Congratulations, Mani! You have produced a very helpful book."

-- John Harricharan, award winning author of the bestsellers,
"The Power Pause" and "When You Can
Walk On Water, Take The Boat"


It's a world gone mad...


You're feeling the stress, the frustration, the fear of an uncertain future. You're confused, scared, paralyzed, angry.

I am too. Or rather, I was. Not any longer.

Now I can stay calm, relaxed, assured, secure in the knowledge that this amazing book has given me....

I'd like to share this feeling with you. That's why I'm going to tell you about this powerful new tool, a set of simple concepts that will guide you through tough times. A triad of universal principles that have the potential to change your life and the way you view it.


"As you say, the ideas are not new.

What is new is that your clear presentation (the story in which you package these ideas is wonderful) and your brevity make these ideas easily digestible.

Your concepts are less mysterious, less philosophy-laden, and more real than I've seen them portrayed before - and the 3-step process you outline for facing emotion-laden crises is intuitively compelling. This is a beautifully written and powerful book, and I believe it will be a great help to many, many people."

-- Dr.Rich Fogoros, physician and Heart
Disease Guide on



Unless you've been stranded on an island or living in a monastery, you're aware that all around you businesses are failing. Or struggling to stay afloat. Not just in the U.S. but everywhere. The global economy is in a slump. The press and TV are full of stories of job losses, downsizing, rising unemployment and financial meltdown.

All this uncertainty affects you


Your emotions and personal relationships are strained. A feeling of well-being is missing. More often than ever before, you long for the "good old days".

How would you like to turn the clock back, feel as happy, peaceful and calm as you did before?

I'll show you how. I'll tell you how these lessons have changed many other lives for the better, then reveal how you too can benefit from them.

These concepts are powerful. They can alter the way you look at your business, your work, your relationships, your life itself. You'll see for yourself how others have used these ideas to find peace and a deeply satisfying inner happiness, see how their lives have been improved by them. Then I'll tell you more about...

A Book That Will Change Your Life !

... You Can Have It All


Money. Friends. Power. Relationships.

Success in everything you do.

Here's what this amazing book will show you:

  • The absolute best way to stay calm in a crisis

  • Avoiding frustrations at business failures or losses

  • A simple technique to keep from losing your temper

  • How to quickly and easily build rich relationships

  • What you can learn from others with huge problems

  • Three simple rules to enjoy life and find inner peace


It's easy, really. All you have to do is make your emotions work FOR you instead of letting them get to you.

And that requires a shift in your point of view, a change in your perspective of the events and problems in your life, the ability to look at things from a different angle. In other words, you need to...

Choose To Make A Change


The change itself is easy to make. It's the decision to make the change that's often difficult.

But stop now for a moment and think. Consider the enormous rewards - both in your personal and business or professional life - that will follow. Far reaching long-term rewards with the capacity to bring you all that you've ever wished for.

That's what this special book can bring you. It's called...



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THE EMOTION PRISM is a Self Awareness and Emotion Control Guide to Inner Peace and True Happiness. It's the product of a lifetime of experience and insight, and details a simple set of three universal truths that will forever alter the way you see and tackle difficult problems and stressful life situations.

By now you're probably wondering "How exactly can The Emotion Prism help me?"

I'll try and answer you. But before I do, let me ask you a question....

What Are You Looking For In Life?


  • Have you always wanted to have healthy, long lasting, loving relationships with people you care about, who care for you - but not been able to build them? I'll show you how

  • Was it always your burning desire to become a huge success in your business, your profession, to have a fulfiling career - but you're hesitating to take the first steps? I'll tell you why.

  • Is it important to you to make a lot of money, or become fabulously wealthy - but you don't know how? I'll point you in the right direction.

  • Are your dreams only about enjoying life in all its wonder and glory, being relaxed and carefree at all times - and you're wondering why you haven't made them real? I'll give you a plan.

  • Would your life be better if you overcome fear and uncertainty, achieve a sense of calm and well-being? I'll show you how to get there.

  • How self confident are you? Do you have your own comfort zone? I'll help you build them.

  • Wherever you are, whatever you do, would you like to find happiness and peace within you? I'll guide you along the way.

.... Or perhaps you'd like to have all of these, and more.

Not a problem. With The Emotion Prism guiding you along the way...

You can have everything you want


THE EMOTION PRISM shows you how to handle your own emotions, your feelings and thoughts about the different life situations you face. It will teach you how to become a prism for your emotions.

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The three simple concepts you'll read about in this book will help you

  • break down problems into smaller parts, tackling each effectively

  • bend your feelings to your will instead of becoming a slave to them

  • focus your emotions towards achieving your ends, whatever they may be
"...See Life From Another Viewpoint"


Take for instance the retired school teacher who wrote this about the book:


"... helped me appreciate your philosophical, practical and matured way of looking at life. Perhaps this may be due to your profession & wide exposure to the tragedies of modern life. I feel ashamed for only looking upon the darker side of life's realities, inspite of my advanced years and reading many religious scriptures. Now I see my own life from another different viewpoint"
"...Don't Let Emotions Get Hold Of You"


Or a research scientist's words:


"...the philosophy isn't new but beautifully put down. And since it's self realised, it has the personal conviction that makes the reading appealing. Your book had me in tears in some parts. It has reminded me once again that the trick is not to let emotions get hold of you so much that even after the initial phase you still get bogged down. And for most people this wisdom only comes with many long, hard years of personal experience."
"...Learn To Let Go With Love"


And another troubled mother said:


"I just finished reading your book. I found it interesting and comforting. I have also had to deal with a situation that was taxing my health. I did the best I could. I had to learn to let go with love. I'm truly glad that you sent me this ebook. I needed to hear these words from someone else."



The personal testimonials never seem to end. Click here to read some more stories about how THE EMOTION PRISM has helped people.

It's Your Life... It's Your Choice


You have a choice. You can stay the way you are, trapped in the bonds of fear and uncertainty. Or you can make a change, an effort to vary your perspective, to alter the way you view life itself. As always, the choice is yours alone....

So Here's Why You Should Try The Self Awareness Guide To Inner Peace And Happiness:

  • First, I have the credentials to write this book. No author can feel strongly about something he or she hasn't experienced. I use examples from my own life that affected the way I looked at things - my career choices, behavior and relationships, financial and business activities, everything.

  • Second, I have the experience. As a heart surgeon treating sick children, I have a long and intimate association with stressful personal circumstances. From this wealth of knowledge and experience I distilled the three concepts discussed in this book.

  • Third, this isn't something that I put together on the spur of the moment. The lessons and wisdom in this book were years in learning. They didn't come to me in a flash of inspiration or enlightenment. Over a decade of life experiences stand behind these invaluable concepts.

  • Fourth, I myself use these concepts in my day-to-day life and personally guarantee that they will work for you. Just give it a chance, read this book with an open mind and be willing to make some small changes to the way you think. Very soon you'll be a different person. A happier person.

  • Finally, I stake my reputation upon my work. I'm a respected physician, a widely read author, owner of several popular websites, editor of 15 email newsletters and commentator on various discussion groups. You can count on my "no-questions asked" refund policy in case you aren't 100% satisfied with this book - and I'll bet you won't need to use it!
Still hesitating?


Here are some genuine testimonials about me and my work - from real, live persons!


"I haven't known Mani for a real long time, but the time I have has been purely quality time. We had both put together projects to help children ( and CHD Awareness Day, where we supported each other). So, when I read this book, I was NOT surprised by it's enlightened content."

-- Rick Beneteau,


"... But in truth, I would add to any reader that no matter what their ideas about the "prism" mantra, what is *truly* inspiring is that a kind, thoughtful, extremely intelligent, educated and rational person took the time to write it for the benefit of those who can find it comforting. That act of writing and extending your hand is evidence of humanity in a time when there is precious little of it."

-- David Yancey, CEO, Internet Business Forum


Now that you've come this far, you're probably wondering....

Will it work for you?


That entirely depends upon YOU.

Many others have found it useful. And think you will too. Why not see what they're saying about it:

"The story line was fine, and you write with clarity and spirit. The ideas presented are positive and make sense. I believe they will make people say, "Now why didn't I think of that?"

-- Judy Vorfeld, copywriting expert


"Last year was the worst year of my life, in every way that counts to me. I had to go through all that to learn what your book covers. It would have been a lot easier if I'd read this a year ago ... and paid attention."

-- Paul Myers, Publisher,


"I am enjoying your book. I've spent many years studying the works of Krishnamurti, Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, Deppak Chopra, J.G. Bennett, Castaneda and the list goes on. Your presentation and flow brings back fond memories of time spent with Og Mandino's books."

-- Dan Porteous, Startup Internet Marketing



The three concepts explained in THE EMOTION PRISM are not at all complicated. To understand and apply them, you don't have to be a genius. Anyone can learn to use them.

But it takes time to get results. And it demands a willingness to change.

It is always hard to accept something new, something different. But if you want to change, you can learn to. And it helps to remember that the rewards will be wonderful and satisfying. When you've succeeded in controlling your emotions, the improvements will be visible in every facet of your life.

What are the benefits you'll get from this book?


  • Business success and wealth will pursue you, instead of your having to run behind them.

  • Relationships will begin, grow and flourish with scarcely any conscious effort on your part.

  • External circumstances will no longer affect your inner happiness, invade your comfort zone.

  • Fear and uncertainty will vanish from your mind, leaving a sense of calm and peace.

THE EMOTION PRISM will show you....

How To Be Happy When You'd Rather Be Sad


You'll learn to

  • control your emotions
  • manage your stress
  • direct your thinking
  • and take control of your life
So what is this powerful tool worth to you?


How much would you be willing to pay for experiencing boundless joy, deep satisfaction, calm comfort, inner peace and happiness?

A hundred dollars? Certainly.

A thousand? Of course.

Several thousand? Well, maybe.

But I'm not pricing THE EMOTION PRISM anywhere near that. I won't even make any tall claims or over-price my book and then offer it at a steep discount.


You can get The Emotion Prism at the
very reasonable price of $7.99 (USD)


That's it. No hidden costs. No shipping expenses. Nothing else. Just $7.99

That's much lesser than you can expect to pay for a self-improvement course or emotion control workshop. So how can I afford to give it away at this price?

Well, it's quite simple. Because you're getting the book in electronic form directly from the Internet, I have no costs related to printing, stocking, and shipping the book. You benefit from the costs I save. What's better still is you can get the book instantly, be reading it within minutes - without having to wait for it to reach you.

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Here's What Happens When You Place Your Order...


  • What do you get?
    An electronic book, THE EMOTION PRISM. It's an electronic book published in Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) and requires the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing. If you do not already have the Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, you can download it free from the Adobe website at by clicking here

  • How will it be delivered? Once your payment is verified, you will be given access to a password protected area of my website from which you can download the e-book (copy it to your computer) and even print out one copy to read offline. If you haven't done this before, don't worry - you'll get detailed instructions on each step, and we're there to help if you get stuck!

  • When will you get it?
    Right away ! Depending on how fast your Internet connection, it could be between 3 and 15 minutes.
A Few Last Words...


Now that you've come this far, I urge you to place your order right now and begin the exciting voyage of self-discovery and insight, an adventure in learning about your emotions and taking control of your life. I've received inspiring feedback from delighted readers and am convinced that you too can benefit from its lessons.


"Yes, Emotion Prism is a good book. I've had personal realizations even when only half-way through it.

I admire the way you use a story to present the steps. That allows them to be related to something -- which can let them be remembered longer.

The steps you present in the book are, as you say, simple. Yet, they are very powerful. Probably their power does lie in their simplicity. The more complex a concept is, the more opportunities to misunderstand. The complexities of life can occlude the simple and the simple is then forgotten. Then they need to be rediscovered."

-- William Bontrager, CEO,



Indeed I want you too to start benefiting from these powerful concepts straight away.

Take this opportunity immediately - order THE EMOTION PRISM at no risk at all today - Click Here. You won't regret it.


Best wishes



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