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The only thing better than a good book is MANY good books.

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What They're Saying

  • "Great deal indeed. Can't wait for the monthly books. Thank you." - Keller J.

  • "I love your writing. This Book of the Month idea is cool." - Charmayne Patil

  • "Helping a child live while reading some lovely books is a win-win deal!" - Sanjay Menon

  • "Your words and purpose are inspiring and I have a whole new picture of you in my mind." - Nolden Bronkar

  • "I can read at my own pace. And it's nice to know I won't miss any of your new books." - Laura Jackson

  • "Your books almost always offer something interesting to think about." - Misato

  • "This book club is a brilliant idea." - Lewis Locke
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