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About Time Management Tao

Time Management Tao strives to move you towards calm, joy and harmony through better time management.

You’ve known many valuable things in your life. But as precious as they may be, there’s something that’s even more valuable.

Your Time
Each of us has 24 hours in our day. Using it wisely can transform our lives. Frittering it away on purposeless activity will have disastrous impact in the long term.

“Time Management Tao” is about managing time better. Embracing the primordial essence, the fundamental nature of the universe… which is rooted in the realization that there’s more than enough time available for the important things in life.

By managing your time guided by the Tao philosophy, you’ll easily find 3 extra hours in your day! Time Management Tao is not just about being more efficient, but also becoming more effective.

And that comes only from seeking and finding balance in all important areas of your life.

Imagine that you’re juggling 5 precious, expensive Ming vases. You can’t afford to drop even one of them.

But without even noticing it, we’re dropping far more precious ‘Ming vases’ in our own life – health, relationships, wealth, spiritual purpose, and our own legacy.

“Time Management Tao” is about learning to juggle our ‘Ming vases’ more comfortably and safely – without dropping any – through better time management. At the heart of this system are the 3 tenets of the Tao method…

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